The plugin that empower the TownyMission system on NatureCraft: Terra

Towny Mission plugin is aimed to provide a mission-based peaceful competitive environment between towns (including towns of the same nation). The competition is separated into seasons and sprints with configurable length. Currently supported mission types include town expansion, server voting, money/resource gathering, and mob killing. Extra support can be done through running console command or hooking into the developer API.

The overview of the plugin is separated into individual sections on the right. You should go through each one of them in order before doing anything. They are comprehensive and will give you a detailed overview to different aspects of the server. Please consult the wiki for detailed information before asking for support.


Hard dependencies

  • Towny (Only on main server for bungee setup)
  • Vault

Soft dependencies

  • MMOItems
  • PlaceholderAPI
  • CMI
  • EssentialsX
  • UltimateVotes