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A queue system that allows asynchronous town joining

What is TownyQueue

Early Alpha: TownyQueue is in its early alpha. There might be bugs here and there. It was not written for public use in the first place, so refactoring the code-base might take some time. More features to come in the future as well.

TownyQueue is a simple and lightweight plugin for all Towny servers to have a "queue" for town joining. The default mechanism for town joining offered by native Towny requires the mayor(or players with town rank) as well as the players to be online at the same time.

TownyQueue allows players to join the queue with their preferred town when no mayors are online. When the mayors are online and looking for new town members, they can select people off from the queue.


  • Hard Dependencies: Towny
  • Soft Dependencies: PlaceholderAPI